hey, how's it goin'?

People First, Business Minded, Tech Aware

I am a UX Designer based in the Northeast, ready for my next adventure anywhere I can contribute to impactful products and services that help people. I view UX Design as "ground-zero for customer service." I am excited to bring my background in UX, IT, coaching, & customer service to creating products that are useful, usable, delightful, & emotional.

Outside of design, you can usually find me spending time with my fiancée (Ashley) & our 3 year old puppy, Cupid. We enjoy traveling around the northeast on two-wheels, geocaching, & visiting with family.

Passionate about everything I do

Certified Motorcycle Coach

Riding is in my blood. I am a certified RideCoach with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. My fiancée & I ride 40 year-old motorcycles, & I inheirited mine from my grandfather.

Male Cheerleader & Coach

My college team won a National Title in 2012 (as seen on ESPN). I have also coached youth-college athletes, ages 3-24 years old, all over New England & New York.

Close-Up Magician

I have been studying magic since I was 8 years old. I have performed at private events, schools, off-broadway, in Times Square, & have produced my own standup show.

All of these experiences directly relate to UX Design,

& I'd love to talk with you about how.

Sparking my Curiosity


I enjoy getting a glimpse into a world I know very little about. I will watch true crime one night, the next night will be a film about table tennis, and of course any film I can watch about art and design.

The Little Prince is my absolute favorite book, so when I found this documentary I just had to watch it. It was incredible hearing the author's stories and inspiration. I also highly recommend the book adaptation on Netflix.


I have been listening to podcasts for well over 10 years now. I love being absolutely immersed in learning about topics I may have never otherwise encountered. One of my absolute favorite podcasts is Reply All- I cannot recommend it enough!

Clicking the iPhone will take you to a Pocket Cast link of my currently subscribed podcast list. I would love to hear if you have any podcast suggestions? Let's talk!